Podcast host

I am one of the hosts for Latitude 38’s sailing podcast Good Jibes. Check out all of my podcast interviews below. 

Jeanne Socrates

circumnavigating at any age


ronnie simpson

global solo challenge


ben shaw

launching out the gate 

Ben Shaw

behan & jaime gifford

Sailing the world as a family

Copy of Papua New Guinea 2012

ronnie simpson

FULFILLMENT & the pacific cup

ronnie head shot

Liz clark

Enjoying and Helping the Planet

Liz Clark


Healing through Sailing

Eric Jones

Brady Trautman & Alex Blue

Doing What Makes You Happy

Cruisers Academy

Ros & Nathan de Vries

Welcoming New Sailors to Your Crew


Olivia Wyatt

Reconnecting With Nature and Yourself Through Sailing


Mike Parlacoski

Sailing the World While Giving Back


Nicki bennett

how to buy your first boat


Jessie Zevalkink

cruising and working with a baby on board

Jessie Z

Lin Pardey

Staying Simple and Just Getting Out There

Destination channel islands

Latitude 38 verbatim

Channel Islands

Kayleen VandeRRee

Going All in on Sailing and Adventure


Charlie Diest

How to Leverage MovNat Techniques While Sailing

Charlie Diest